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Insect farming: invest
in the future food chain.

Insects are already being used as food and feed for livestock and pets and offer enormous potential for the future.

Better Insect Solutions

Insect farming could mend the world’s broken food chain.

Insects offer novel nutritional value and health benefits to humans and animals – and have enormous potential.

Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity in the form of a complete solution or want to expand your existing agricultural business: We have the right solution for you!

Products & services

Professional end-to-end solutions
for your insect farm.

Regardless of whether you are an investor looking to set up a full-line production site or a farmer looking to establish another business pillar: Better Insect Solutions is always the right address for you. Not only do we supply all the components and machines for your insect farm, we are also happy to take care of everything else.

Analysis and consulting
Farm engineering and planning
Project supervision
R&D and manufacturing
Installation and commissioning
Maintenance, service hotline and spare parts
Testing facilities
Energy management

Largest insect farm in Northern Europe equipped

In December 2023, the Enorm Biofactory was opened in Hvirring (Denmark). On the new 22,000 square metre farm, black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) will be bred and processed into insect protein and insect oil. Better Insect Solutions provided the climate systems for the breeding and growing sections, air cleaning and heat recovery equipment, the liquid feeding system, and the crates for the larvae. Overall, an amount of around EUR 70 million was invested in the project.

About us

»We are the perfect partners for your investment in the future.«

Better Insect Solutions is the concept and solution hub of the Big Dutchman group, comprising the sister companies Big Dutchman, INNO+ and SKOV. For de­cades, these companies have provided cost-efficient and robust solutions for a wide range of technologies applied in animal farming.

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Our team

Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann (Head of Business Development), Henrik Voigt (Head of Sales), Arne Brændgaard (Senior Project Manager), Julius Hamelmann (Key Account Manager)