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Building design

Better Insect Solutions provides the conceptual building design and covers the interfaces between the different parts of insect production, e.g. logistics and processing.

Insect housing (chambers and crates)

Better Insect Solutions offers specially designed insect production equipment for housing the flies and the larvae during all life stages. The patent-pending fly chambers are a full breeding system. The crates are designed to accommodate the different requirements of the larvae in the nursery, grow-out and pupa sections.

Climate system

Large-scale insect production requires the correct climate conditions and a complete and controlled overview of all the necessary parameters. It places high demands on the ventilation system, which must ensure the right temperature, air quality and humidity regardless of the climate conditions outside.

Air cleaning and heat recovery

The emissions from insect production contain heat, moisture, greenhouse gases and odor. Our air-to- water air scrubbers can mitigate ammonia emissions and odor while also recovering heat. When combined with a heat pump system, the solution can deliver more heat than what is required for the farming operation.

Feeding system

Our feeding system for insect production is a flexible and modular system that provides the insects with liquid feed. Every system is matched to the feedstock used and the needed daily output.

Automation and logistics

The operational environment in insect production is particularly challenging, as live animals are transported in the crates. We combine critical knowledge and technical experience with internal transport and logistics processes.

Frass handling

The larvae produce a large amount of frass on all insect farms. We offer a complete system for handling this product, enabling insect producers to create added value with all their products.

Larvae processing

Whole larvae, protein meal, oil or other insect-derived products can be used in a range of products covering pharma, food, feed and technical applications. We make sure that key partners with insect experience from the processing industry are part of our team.

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Better Insect Solutions is the concept and solution hub of the Big Dutchman group, comprising the sister companies Big Dutchman, INNO+ and SKOV. For de­cades, these companies have provided cost-efficient and robust solutions for a wide range of technologies applied in animal farming.

Our team

Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann (Head of Business Development), Henrik Voigt (Head of Sales), Arne Brændgaard (Senior Project Manager), Julius Hamelmann (Key Account Manager)