Largest insect farm in Northern Europe equipped

In December 2023, the Enorm Biofactory was opened in Hvirring (Denmark). On the new 22,000 square metre farm, black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) will be bred and processed into insect protein and insect oil. Better Insect Solutions provided the climate systems for the breeding and growing sections, air cleaning and heat recovery equipment, the liquid feeding system, and the crates for the larvae. Overall, an amount of around EUR 70 million was invested in the project.

The management team of the Danish Enorm Biofactory includes co-founder and CEO Carsten Lind Pedersen, his daughter Jane Lind Sam, and Arne Holst Lauridsen. Project partners include the Danish DLG Group, a cooperative owned by 25,000 Danish farmers. With its three business areas food, energy and housing, DLG Group has an approximate annual turnover of the equivalent of EUR 10 billion, 65 per cent of which is generated in Germany.

Enorm Biofactory breeds black soldier flies that mate and lay eggs from which the larvae hatch. The larvae’s main food source are residues from the regional food industry. After around 12 days, they are processed into insect oil and insect meal; products which have already shown promising results in connection with the management and health of pigs and poultry. The goal is a production of 100 tonnes of larvae per day.